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Oct 25, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. >> o'brien: while faa regulations limit pilots to eight hours of actual flight time a day. pilots may be on duty up to 16 hours a day, but that doesn't;í mean a big pay check. >>e aronly paid en t door's closed and the engines are running. as soon as we block out of the gate, we close that door, that's when we start. all the time we're walking through airports, eating lunch, reading a book while we wait for an airplane, standing at the gate, you know, we're not paid for that time. we may be on duty for 80 hours a week and get paid for 20 of it, if we're lucky. >> o'brien: pilots are paid hourly and starting pay for first officers is typically $21 per hour. >> my first year was... i made a little over $22,000 gross. >> o'brien: uh-huh. >> and then you put into the fact that you have, you know, mortgages and rent for a crash pad, student loan payments, car insurance and what not. you know, by the time it all got said and done, we were literally starving at the end of the day. >> o'brien: to make ends meet, many pilots choose to commute, living in less expensive communities far from the b
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
television provider. >> agenting faa administrator recently told the house transportation subcommittee on aviation that there is progress in the implementation of the next generation air transportation system or otherwise known as nextgen, to change from an air based system to a satellite based one. representatives with the faa's ig office and government accountability office as well as aviation industry experts testified at this hearing. it's two and a half hours. >> the hearing will commence, and my colleague, mr. casillo, will be here shortly, but i begin with the opening statement, and i suspect when i'm finished, he'll be here, and we'll be able to benefit there that as well. today, the subcommittee will hear from governments and aviation industry stake holders on the faa's management of and progress towards transforming ore nation's air traffic control system. this program, known as nextgen, is among the largest and most ambitious public works projects in our nation's history. the successful implementation of nextgen is critical to the future of the air transportation system and
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
playoffs 3415 yeaas we're finally in the playoffs 34 there's an air of anxiety ammngsttoriolee faas. as tonight ... it's o or die for the birdss 15:45 playing teeas so i don't know iihope it's -g road tonight... for a one-game, winner take all baseball battle..if they win... they'll facc the new york yankees sunday... at home....for ame one of the aamerican league division serres. 1439 i got my ticket for game one here in baltimore for when we win tonight. iill be tthre sunday night 44but ii they loss... it's the end of the birds' rrre... post-season watching the ravvns in the ssperbowl it's ike you're to end 27nats of pickles pub!!! and it's noo just fans on the nats??downtown businesses like tonight... means more big wins for átheirá bottomline. kyle 450 it's great for the city. it's great for the fans. it'' great for business, certainny we're juut ere tootaae tt making mooe of that orioles magic. 1524 'm ready for going to be great 27. it's --3 3 going tt be great 27 that rings uu to our question of the day.will the orioles beat the rangers 33pgo... - teel us... what you think.
Oct 31, 2012 5:30pm EDT
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Oct 26, 2012 5:30am EDT
third suspect is belieeed to have fought for faaing growing crutiny are o - the ciaadirector david petraeus, tthedirector of clapper and their initial ames assessments that blamed the anti-islam video. the &pcriticism noo comes from a senior republican senator. mccain ays: the talking points came from the white hosue but the white hhuse clearly had to get their information from clapper andd anything i hhve ever imagined - their se two inddviduals and agencies if tis truehhrridde says: in a letter the speaaer of the house john boehner is now pressing president obama to publicaly address questions on benghazi. ranging from relectance to provide additional security to the consulate staff after repeated request toohow nd on hat bbsis the aammnistration changed its story frrmman escalating protest prompted by perms, the house speaker wants the president as commanderrand chiif to explain the contradiitary stttements made the election.stration beforee - commng up...bad news... for the alreadd injury-deeleted ter. the wide outt.. the teammhas ((break ))e rest of the year..- mayor: c
Oct 16, 2012 1:35am PDT
spokesman with the faa. a small plane did leave half moon bay just before 6:00, headed to tucson, arizona, with a scheduled fuel stop at apple valley, california, just north of san bernardino. the faa spokesman said it was a single had f engine, a plane similar to the one in this photograph. the pilot's wife reported that the plane was overdue when it failed to show up on schedule at the regional airport in tucson. it is not known at this hour if any search is underway. that is the information we know at this hour. linda yee reporting live in san mateo county. >>> thousands of dollars in public funds spent at a strip club. and it took four years for anyone to notice it on the expense report. now a bay area port official is in a lot of hot water and cbs 5 reporter chris on the action taken at an emergency meeting tonight. >> reporter: a party at an upscale strip club, paid for with public money. the man at the center of the allegations, part of oakland maritime director, james kwon. receipts show kwon blew 4,537 in one night, entertaining executives at treasures, a gentlemen's clu
Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm PDT
and a white shirt. anyone with information is asked to call fairfield police. >>> the faa has proposed 2200 dollar fine for the lodi skydiving instructor in this utube video. the agency notified dennis mcglen he violated a number of faa regulations when he accompanied 80-year-old laverne everett on her first jump last may. she said she nearly fell out of the harness when she left the plane, mcglen has until mid- october to respond. >>> oakland as fans are still beaming over their team's remarkable season finish yesterday. >> fly ball. center field, cosco, ball game. western division -- >> the as beat the texas trainingers 12-5 to win the american league western division championship. at one time the as trailed the rangers by 13 games and yesterday was the only day all season they had soul possession of first place. >> the thing we preachd from day one, you know it is installed inside of us, so they never give up. >> this will betheas first playoff appearance since 2006. >>> the as will now play the american league central division champions, the detroit tigers the first two games playe
Oct 5, 2012 6:30pm EDT
from locking down. the 757s are at least 15-20 years old. the faa reports no other airlines have had this happen to them and their seats. and the faa is also looking at whether or not the seats were installed incorrectly after they were recently moved by mechanics. >> hard to believe that the beverages got together and decided to take effect right now. tom costello in our washington bureau, thank you. >>> and an update on the outbreak of a bacterial meningitis. the bad medicine came from a specially compounding pharmacy in massachusetts. it has since been shut down. five people have died. 47 are thought to be infected, and patients in 23 states now are being warned to watch for meningitis symptoms. >>> still ahead as we continue on a friday night. charges of cheating and sabotage by an american olympic skater. what could be the biggest scandal on ice since kerrigan and harding. >>> and more from half a century ago. music and movies have never been the same since. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this i
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
? >> american airlines has an obligation to make sure that their planes are safe and the faa also has that same obligation. we have a real crisis going on with airline maintenance. >> talk to me with regard to american. >> up until recently, american was the last airline in the united states that was not outsourcing maintenance, now in its bankruptcy organization, probably going to be acquired by u.s. airways, has new management, and even as we speak, just a few hours ago, 450 more mechanics were laid off at their facility in tulsa. that's the last facility in america. >> why is that a problem. all sorts of businesses outsource. why can't you fund a good company, and it's okay. >> it's the people that are doing the work. basically in many cases planes are going outside the united states to developing countries, we were just talking about china, singapore, el salvador, mexico. in many cases, mechanics are not licenses licens licensed, and the faa does not allow that. here in the united states if you are a mechanic working for an airline in house, you have to go through drug screening, alcoh
Oct 5, 2012 4:00pm PDT
responsibility to make sure their aircraft are well maintained and the faa has an even properly. what this is really about is the larger picture and that is outsourcing of maintenance. we have a real crisis going on in the united states right now. >> talk to me a little about that, particularly in regard to american right now. >> well, up until recently, american was the last airline in the united states that was not outsourcing maintenance. but now of course, it's in bankruptcy reorganization, it's probably going to be acquired by us airways, it has new management and just even as we speak, just a few hours ago, 450 more mechanics were laid off at their facility in tulsa. that's the last facility in america. >> why is that a problem? all sorts of businesses outsource things. why can't you just find a good company, it's okay? >> well, it's the people that are doing the work. basically, in many cases the airplanes are going outside the united states to developing countries, we were just talking about china, singapore, el salvador, mexico. in many cases, believe it or not, the mechanics
Oct 16, 2012 11:00pm PDT
extraviado. --la faa todavia investigaba en el lugar de los hechos. cu ---un jornalero fue contratado para trabajar, pero termino siendo esposado por el contratista, quien ahora enfrenta cargos de secuestro. ---pilar niÑo nos cuenta donde ocurrio esto y si hay alguna explicacion para esta conducta extraÑa del sospechoso. 0:01 0:14 0:33 1:05 1:26 1:34 take pkg :16 bueno es una historia triste porque a todos nos puede pasar estos jornaleros en concord, estan siendo mas precavidos. el pasado domingo, un trabajador fue recogido a las afueras del home depot en la calle meridian y llevado a trabajar a la ciudad de lafayette... jose ramirez/jornalero :29 :22 cuando se va uno de mis companeros lo unico que digo, si se va solo, que dios lo cuide ;27 segun la policia, recibieron una llamada de que un hombre estaba corriendo por la calle descalzo, y atender al lugar en la calle lucas cort en lafayette, el hombre dijo que era jornalero y habia sido contratado para trabajar alli.... eric christensen/jefe de pollicia :49 the worker 23:04 el trabajador ciertamente se senti
Oct 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
campus is in fairfax, sunshine all day. not a single cloud. the faa did not have aircraft flying over the district. early in the morning, and late evening, that is when you most elimination -- illumination of the trees changing color. little stuff that popped into my mind. 69 degrees right now and herndon. 67 in the district. 73 and 48 the high and low temperatures. tomorrow, we're talking 80 degrees. there is a little bubble of warm to our southwest. things will be changing. it does look at the time frame night intourday sunday when a disturbance .pproaches that will increase our chances late saturday night and sunday. skies,meantime, clear and other sunny day. we will be in fine shape for the next few days. to the south, all eyes are in caribbean, south of jamaica. tropical hunters found depression 18 had strengthened a tropical storm, now named sandy. north into the atlantic to the bahamas. keeping your eye on the noon,atures, mid-70's at close to 80. wednesday afternoon as well. changes began with clouds showers and cooler temperatures. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
on the birds. pirds. kkrennparks is streaming live tonight aa mother's where o's faas are partying aftee the gam. 3 3 3 first on fox, disbelief and anger tonnght.. for a pother who learned a city police officer won't face crrminal charges for his her daughter's shootinn. &pshootinn. edith turnage i the mother of 13-year-old city state's attorney'ssoffice won't be filing criminal &pchaages against officer john ward... who'' connected to monae's murder case. in a prosecutorr say simply.. day, - there's insufficient evidence 3o file charres agaiist ward. - &pto feel aaout my daughter.. - that's insane, it's very off, everybody walk free. whatt ind of stuff is that!?" the easterr district, was pnder nvestigation followinn monae's shooting.. the officer was suspendee whee of ward's personal car. tonight, a police inttrnal pwrd's actions continues. a... 16... year old... high school sttdent... is dead,...// and... er... ffmily... wants your hell... po... fight ack... tonnght. tonightt ah--jee... harrod... was ound dead... in... the middle... of a street... sunday night...//.toniggt 11 th
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
yesttrdayy..faas heering an injury...the scathing words one chief has for the kansas pity in sports unlimittd... ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ just let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ this time that'll do iitfor the late edition, ... ttanks for joining us,.../ i'm jeff barnd. .../ up next .../ bruce with... sports unlimited...// unlimited...// 3 a very tense night at camden the pankees in game two of the american leaguedivisional series, the orioles wwre trying to avoid goingbackkto none in he series..and it's 88h...chris davis had a 2-run solid outting...6 ann a itt a third...2 runs... only one earned... &pnationals in st. louis for game 2 of the nlds...nats took game one....jordan zimmermann with a rough outting....bottom of the 3rd...allen craig hammers it to left...solo shoo...zimmermann gives up 5 runs inn3 lead of the 6th...danny espinosa gives it a ride to leff enter...john jay races t
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 2:00am PDT
economic apairs faa way that we are modeling them after europe. that's a failed model. >> secretary rumsfeld also weighing in on the heavy see issue about why the fbi has yet to head to benghazi and libya to check out the crime scene. he says it is probably for security reasons. nevertheless a big issue. let's talk weather now. maria molina is here with an update on the current weather. >>> good morning. we are starting off with a cool note. minneapolis and 44 in rapid city. we will be heating up after temperatures well above average for this time of the year. 86 over rapid city. 73 in minneapolis. mild as we head into the southeast as well. we are expecting high temperature at 82 in raleigh 72 atlanta. the reason it will be mild we have a storm system pushing eastbound. it is pulling in much warmer air from the south on northward. you can see sours already across parts of florida, georgia into the carolinas. it will be across the state through out the evening hours as the system will be a relatively slow mover. the northeast will be impacted by the system. quiet over new england la
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
three, s hard." much... like... cubs faas... remember ... steve bart-man... interferring with... moises alou's po... catcc a foul ball...///. oos ans.../ remember jeffrey maierr maier.let's... 1996 playoffs... o's vs. yankees.../derek jeter... hitt a ball deep../ . ony tarasco... rrady to catch it.../ but... &p jeffrey maier.. reaches out... from the stands and catches the ball instead...///..he umpires call it a home run... eeen though after slow you... can see maier... interfere....// the yankees... won that series our gaaes to one. we've... pplice officer... under investigaaion.../ for... his... suupected involvement... of... a... 133. - yeaa-old girl../. cleared... of any wrongdoing.n - & a first on fox.... keith daniels, live n downtown baltimore.. wwerr prosecutors say officer john ward will ot bb charged with a crime.. keith. jennifer..... the city state's attooney's office released the news today..but only after we called them followinggup on the investigation. and tonight.. accordinn to ttii statement.. they say thhy've coocluded that there is inssfficie
Oct 18, 2012 5:00am EDT
- president obama.stein didn't mmee the requirements laid out by the commission on faaing disorderly conduct chhrggs and have a courttdate, next month. steen will get herrchance to debate among third party presidentiil candiiates.foomer c-n-n talk showwhost larry king will moderateethat debatt on october 23rd at the chicago hilton.participants will include liberttrian candidate ary joonson, green party date candidate jill ssein, constitution party candidate &panderson of the justice party. the debbte will airron ora tv, theedigital programming service that carries king's latest talk show. a inder full of women.itts becomm a phraae oo the lips after last night'ssof milllons pressdential debate.lisa sylvester takes a look at the factssbehind the statement. statement. "we took a conccrted effoor to po out and find wwmen who had qualiffed to become memberssoo our cabinet. i went to a nuubbr f wooen's groups and said 'can you help us findd folks' and they brought us ttat binder comment as become moments of thh ddbate. within minutes,,it haa ts own board and a facebbok age, thoo
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
faa noted that the fuselage frame is prone to damage. under the category of common issues, the high vibration of the river system. -- roroe -- rotor system. wbal tv 11 news. >> wouldn't it be great if a beer run for tonight could be done at the same time and place where you are buying your snacks? a lot of people like that idea. a 54% say they favor being able to buy beer and wine at chain stores. 31% are opposed, 5% offered no response. they support beer and wine sales at grocery and other stores. >> the unemployment rate falls to a new low. >> causing conservatives to question the accuracy of the work conducted by the bureau of labor and statistics. how officials are responding to that claim. >> we will show you why it will have no impact on the chance of winning tonight. >> showers and an indication of a strong cold front. the forecast coming up with some late they sunshine right now. >> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 6:00p.m. 11 sports director jerry sandusky. wbal tv 11 news >> economists surprised by today's jobs report and a negative way. >> they were thinking that the u
Oct 12, 2012 5:30pm EDT
it was a reat night for baltimore sports faas...the lost...tte cowboy that ray lewis says is just like one of the in sports unlimited... the ooioles and yankees have this season...each team has &pwon 11 of them, and right now and final timeethis season...t - stakk: a spot in the american doeen'ttgee much bbigger than t. thiss.. &pright now it's aascoreless ti in the 4th sabathia has been domiiant...4 strikeouts in 3 inniigs... last night was a preety fans...not only did the orioles beat the yynkees to football side of things... - things...tte arch rrval pittsburgh steelers llst...too came in onlyy1-4 on the season...thhy t a touchdown &ppasssfrom ben roethlisberger ii tte defeat....ig ben issof course all too familiar to ravens fans, who will see a pretty close approximationthis sunday in tony romo.. game reaction from game 5... - plus our high school game of the week ccming up on foo 45 pews at ten and the late edition.... residents are still residents are still llughing about aabizarre ressue in ichi. michigan.... 3 &p3&pa... curr racccon... had a sti
Oct 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
that mmynstinct that takeover breaths .../ baby tapir... was able to brth ohis n. &p fáá 3 would jesus lol thi ptor? why texxing will ge 3chch. 3 ntrocinghe ipamini.. whatapp didt the -pducthat steve jobs said should never be done. p3 (((pkg))))i'mcnda dol withour affied rept. pecto i contruion 83 inortrn btimo untytomrow.crews will be &preplacing a bridge on t rrid at mdletn ro. expe to nd la lorrs fromaa uil 3pm.theylso be working on signs 83 eela ne wl be ockkfromam unl p u clddu rk d inead.((es)i l ha -up ttheinuttrafc ccditis foyou tomoow o x45 rninews arti at am.cance dd fox neeat ten 3a. mayo caso owrs iwestviiniare sndin llio agast question seven. that upss me d th upss jothangden yodon'wanto uptjonaan oen. den:o yodon' mayo queion ven ansthsandof js anmiionsor o schls.but ese st vginicasis nt tkeept alforthselv. wre n hap out at. ogden:o weren' yor:o jo us d vo forqueson sen. anwestirgia, d't me mesendonatn ogn ov the.mayo votfor esti sev. ogde foraltire. lucky to have good friends who are all still around 13 gr afford college. he's my friend, ben. yourriend,tzbiqkp tzbi
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 10:00am PDT
fifteen percent or more. alisyn: fox news alert now on new developments in an faa investigation. the agency is looking into why seats came loose on three american airlines flights. american grounded eight planes that could potentially have seat problems. now, all eight recently underwent maintenance. the airline says it does not believe the incidents are related to an ongoing labor dispute. fox's trace gallagher has more from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: we all know that american airlines is in bankruptcy protection, right? and they've got no ongoing battle over unionized employees including the mechanics and, yes, experts say that this smacks of deliberately taking these seats and loosening them or, yes, sabotage. but, look, the faa and a lot of experts have said there is absolutely no evidence of sabotage, and they cite a couple reasons. one, because the seats were removed and replaced at different maintenance facilities, and all of these 757s in question have the very same configuration. but everyone agrees if it's not sabotage, it is certainly sloppy because it wasn't ju
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 11:00am EDT
faa needs to look at this incident, i think the aircraft owners and leaseholders need to look at this incident, and they need to get with american airlines' management and see what's going on. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios jenna: well, american airlines grounding eight of its jets after a row of passenger seats came loose on three recent flights. this has happened over the last couple days. the airline says the seats were not properly locked into tracks on the author of their 757s. the airline is already under some pressure as it gets ready to lay off thousands of workers as part of a bankruptcy plan. take a listen. >> american airlines operates the oldest fleet in america. as your car gets older, it requires more maintenance. as our aircraft get older, it requires more maintenance. and not just pilots can write up an aircraft. right now the american airlines has issued several thousand furlough notices, so it's closed an entire maintenance bas
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
of like almost falling off. we were trying to push it in and hold it in. >> i think the faa needs to look at this incident. >> now planes grounded and serious questions about safety. >>> and when this ball player stepped to the plate for the first time in the majors, a wild pitch knocked him down. >> i didn't get out away enough and it caught up under my helmet. >> now seven years later, one team is giving him another chance. tonight adam greenberg back in the big leagues. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. one of the toughest voter i.d. laws in the country cannot take effect before election day. that's the ruling from a judge in pennsylvania. up with of the biggest prizes on the map, 20 electoral votes in that state. the judge says there is not enough time to make sure that all eligible voters get voter i.d. cards. supporters say the law will prevent voter fraud. but democrats accuse republicans of trying to stack the deck they say for governor mitt romney. they point to this comment from the house republican leader back in june. quote, voter i.d., which is going to allow gove
Oct 15, 2012 9:00pm PDT
small plane reported missing. faa says the single engine aircraft depart from half moon bay shortly before six this evening. it was headed to madrona a regional airport in tucson, arizona but never arrived. right now the faa is urging law enforcement agencies throughout california to be on the look out for this missing plane. we'll bring you any updates on the developing story as soon as we get them in. >>> well there is some other developing news tonight. all south bound lanes of highway 101 out of san francisco are blocked. there's an injury accident. here's the situation on a lot of people getting stuck. who were at baseball game at the park where the giants won against the cardinals. >> here's the 1-2. launched into right. back at the track. giants take the lead. >> that was the start of a very good night in game 2 of the national league championship series. sports director larry is here with the details on this is exactly what we needed to even the series up. >> last night belonged to the cardinals and tonight the giants. they found themselves down 6 nothing to st. lou
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
why they're under special watch by the faa for the maintenance. >> is the faa doing its job, though, when this actually happens in mid air? i know they're supposed to step up. are they dropping the ball? >> well, they are to a certain degree. they have put them under a special watch. but usually what happens on carriers, they're supervised by the inspectors in their own area, in the dallas area, where they call it certificate management or maintenance. and what they could do, faa could step up the next level, and they could actually have a national team come out and do -- they used to call them nasips, but special investigation of american. and it's probably something that they should be doing, because often airlines are put under special watches when they're in bankruptcy. but here there's been a whole series of maintenance issues. >> would you fly -- you were the former inspector general. would you fly a bankrupt airline? if you could avoid it? >> well, you know, in this country, you often can't avoid flying bankrupt carriers. there have been times in our history when almost all o
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
pant. >> people were hysterical, trying to figure out their connections. >> in a statement, the faa says american airlines has taken eight aircraft with similar seat assemblies out of service until they can be inspected. much more on this story in the next hour of "newsroom." >>> passenger boats crashed last night, killing at least 38 people in hong kong. arrested crew members on the suspicion of endangering passengers. 123 people were pull friday the water. it's unclear how many others are still unaccounted for. this is hong kong's deadliest ferry accident since 1971. >>> now the march to the presidential election just five weeks from today, a major weigh station could be tomorrow's presidential debate. for those minds already made up, two battlegrounds now in play. bellwether state of ohio, mobilizing supporters to seize an early lead there. and in florida, first absentee ballots hit the mail today. who will gain the advantage in tomorrow's presidential debate? despite days of intensive coaching and practice sessions, both candidates trying to appear loos loose. >> people want to
Oct 24, 2012 7:00pm PDT
bodies were recovered today from that burned wreckage. faa records show the plane was owned by a nevada man who also runs a private airstrip. >>> police in mountain view are warning people to use a popular trail about an attempted robbery there last yeek. they say a man in this sketch tried to rob a man of his backpack on trail near ef lin avenue. police say after struggle with the suspect, the victim was able to grab his backpack and run home to call police. this morning joggers on the trail told us they are concerned. >> i kind of have that same fear every morning because it is dark, and i fear that's when they come out and attack me because yow can't see where they're coming from. >> police say the suspect was wearing dark-colored clotheing and a baseball hat. they're reminding people to be aware of their surroundings while using that trail. >>> in and out to our election coverage tonight president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are on whirlwind campaign tours covering many miles in a short amount of time. >> no sleep. we'll start here in iowa. we're going to colo
Oct 24, 2012 12:00pm PDT
but any discovered a second body. the coroner had to wait until the faa deleted its preliminary investigation. the victims' names will be held until their families have been notified. >>> there's new information about a woman whose body was found in her home. officials say 0 now say she was beaten to -- say -- officials now say her body was beaten to death. the sheriff said it appears someone killed her and then set the house on fire. this is a sketch of the suspect. the sheriff also said the suspect stole the victim's car. >>> it's the final stretch in the presidential race. both candidates are busy. president obama began the day in davenport, iowa. >> i have a plan that will create jobs, reduce the deficit and unlike mitt romney i'm proud to talk about what is in my plan. [ cheers ] >> because my -- my math actually adds up. >> he flew to denver after that and goes to burbank, california next for a tape aid eastern on "the tonight show" and continues with a campaign event in las vegas. tomorrow he stops in florida, virginia and ohio where he plans to vote in chicago. and mitt
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am EDT
>>> this morning on "early today," unfriendly skies. the faa investigates two separate instances of loose seats on american airlines flights. >>> political showdown. president obama and mitt romney hunker down for their high stakes debate in denver. >>> and bumpy ride. a 10-year-old philadelphia boy is arrested after swiping and a 10-year-old philadelphia boy is arrested after swiping and crashing a van. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. and today we begin with air scare. suspicion is swirling around american airlines after two flights in three days were returned to new york's jfk airport. the reason, passenger seats came loose on both planes. the first incident occurred on a flight from miami to boston. >> during flights, passenger seats came loose out of the floor. passengers are unable to sit in that seat. >> the federal aviation administration says seating in both plains had undergone maintenance. they have grounded eight 757s for inspection. >>> to politics where president obama and rival mitt romney will not be campaignin
Oct 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
rrdgers is hhre with been cllimed so faa... and how officials are preparing for the worst.good morning, tom. ss farr.. at least 21 people are dead in the carribean... now that she's heading up the past coaat... we are all being &pwarned to get ready. ready.places like foot lauderdale...that are not directly in her path... are alrrady experiencing rough officiall are filling ssndbags storm seems most llkely to -3 make landfall earry next weee. hurricane sandy has been because forecasters say it could make lannfall in new jersey the day before into a powerful winter storm - that's moving in from he west. crippling storms like thh ooe threat of masssve power ng the outages... yet again. again.we all remember... almost a million marylanders in the dark... some for weeks. b-g-e sayy it's learned a few lessons ffom thaa stormmthis time the power company says more than a thousand people. of coordinattig "out of state"" crews ready tt help in the event that hurricane sandd... &phits us ard. 6:07:14 we're not quite sure the next 24/48 hours we will consider the impact eeds and innrease our empl
FOX Business
Oct 23, 2012 12:00am EDT
groups, labor and management negotiating for each other in -- for each other. john: the faa gets $200,000 per year working entirely odd official time. >> they just tried to decide what type of music shod be played. john:is that true? you are making it up. >> we have researched this ery carefully. john: t music [laughter] not just a federal issue? the cities and states have similar rules. in phoenix arizona, the six police officers do nothing but union work. look at governor walker rid wisconsin, governor christie in new jersey. [applause] and my former colleague four to know from puerto rico will address the problem at the state level but nothing at the federal level. john: congressmen phil gingrey. thank you. giving millions to politicians. this that make the uganda real bss? when we return. shabazz is how union control america and rob the blind. john: is that rally in philadelphia i was told unions should have more power. but they have plenty already. elizabeth factor and mallory factor rode a book. shadow bosses. rabin taxpayers blind." they say we are powerless. >> they are i
Oct 16, 2012 11:00am PDT
. >>> marla, in a desperate search for a pilot and plane is on hold for right now. the faa says the single-engine plane took off from half moon bay before 6:00 yesterday morning. it was supposed to land in tucson, arizona, but it never made it to the final destination. the plane is registered to a man in florida. his wife reported him missing and the coast guard and local law enforcement do plan to begin an aerial search for the plane when the weather clears up. >>> let's talk baseball. the giants getting into a groove after the much-needed win under their belts. the series is now tied at 1-1 as the giants and cardinals play for the national league championship. the hometown crowd had plenty to cheer about as the giants beat the cardinals, 7-1 at at&t park. the cheers did turn to boos at one point during the game. they are still happy here. let's show the play. check out the cardinals matt holliday flattening marc marco scutaro. >> i hope he's okay. i know him. he's a good guy. >> scutaro hit a two-run single before being pulled from the game. he will likely get an mri today. game t
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
little tail section of the plane. >> police believe no other passengers were on board. the faa is investigating the cause of the crash. >>> it's been one of the worst days for the stock market this year. [ closing bell ] >> underwhelming corporate earnings reports are rattling investors' nerves. dupont, 3m, u.p.s., did not meet their revenue expectations. the dow fell to its lowest in four months. it sank 243 points. the nasdaq also fell 26.5 points. the s&p finished down almost 21 points. >>> seeing numbers drop on the board may be bad on wall street but when it's at a gas station, that's a different story. here in the bay area, some gas stations have seen a 20-cent drop just in the past week. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo with why prices are expected to keep going down. ann. >> reporter: elizabeth, people have been lining up on willow pass road all day in concord and get gas here at $3.39 a gallon. aaa says gas prices are going down about 20 cents in the past week. i wish it came down as fast as it went up. that was unbelievable. >>> reporter: in early october california's aver
Oct 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
clear if he was traveling alon alone. now the faa for their part are lacking both here and in arizona and 50 mile radius around both airports. they are asking that anyone with information contact authorities medley. again, that tail number november 7 2 alpha hote hotel. again anyone with any information at all is ken urged to contact authorities. live in half machine bay. >> it's anxious night there thank you very much gentleman moving on now. a crucial night for the giants. they tied it up here at home tonight against the cardinals one game appease sfv fans were ecstatic tonight. last thing they wented was to see the giants down first 2 games of the series. larry is here and they got off to great start. >> that was the key in tonight game. big win for the giants but may have lost second baseman marco in the play offs. a lot of controversy as holiday slides into him overly aggressive well past second base. he suffered a hip injury and would have to leave the game later but before he left marco delivered a sing well bases loaded in the fourth. holiday boots it. 3 run score. giants go o
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